Non Hot Fix Crystals, versatile, manageable and easily applied with the correct glue. It takes a little practice I agree but it doesn’t take long to master a fast and efficient technique, so say our customers. Preciosa Viva12 non hot fix stones are designed for application by gluing and have a highly resistant multilayer silver foiling that protects against damage and intensifies their brilliance.

No hot fix crystals, apart from the application to costumes and clothes are perfect for fixing to more solid objects to create something a little different and something personal to you. We love how this bag had been designed with non hot fix crystals.

A carnival costume is a statement as Maijo shows, she has used various shades of pinks in Preciosa non hot fix crystals and, well in our opinion, has created literally a ‘brilliant’ piece of art and looks stunning.

Maijo Crystals

Not all events call for such a show but how effective and individual these non hot fix stones look on this beautiful black dress.   The lace applique has been emphasised with delicate clear non hot fix crystals to transform it.

We also like how effective a simple design with non hot fix crystals about the waist has made this dress a head turner. Make a statement and be different, get creative with our beautiful range of Preciosa Viva12 Non Hot Fix Crystals.